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Stopping the stigma ...... finding a cure...  

 I am the exclusive designer of empathy items.

Each empathy item is made with love by myself, a mom that has a child who suffers from a mental health issue. 

As a family this is extremely devastating and draining, especially as a mom that only wants her child to be well. We can help fix a cold or even a broken bone, but fixing your child's mind is another story. Until you see your child suffering with just breathing and not wanting to be a part of this world any longer you will have a difficult time understanding this devastation and the strain  it puts on a family. There is not a day that goes by that I do not worry about my children, wondering if they are ok, if they will be alive when I get home. I am determined to make a difference in Mental health and help as many people as I can.    I started empathy dolls soon after my child's diagnosis with a serious mental health issue. He was diagnosed with schizophrenia. And so the journey began devastation, denial, anger, worry blame.   I wanted to do something positive in a situation of despair. While sitting in numerous medical offices trying to get the appropriate help, enduring long waiting periods I knit.  I knit for a purpose, I knit for a cure, for recognition of this horrible disease that affects so many people.  Why? In hopes of helping just one person feel a little joy, feel a little comfort.

The dolls and other products  are designed  with real people in mind, real people with stories. Real people suffering from mental health issues. Each doll tells a story. Each doll sheds a tear for you.

To order your items please browse my website, I also take custom orders for the following; 



Each item I sell is in support of Mental health. 100% of all proceeds go towards  mental health issues in the community. I want to see peoples lives changed, I want too see people find hope, hope and a chance for recovery or just a listening ear.

You are truly making a difference in people’s lives and on behalf of jtk designs, I am proud to be part of such an essential and important cause. 

Rene Egerszegi

if you wish to donate to mental health please click the link below